Monday, October 17, 2011

Wand Magnetics Lab from Geospace

Feel the power of the force – magnetic force, that is! The Wand Magnetics Lab lets you explore the mystery of magnets with a magic power wand, 100 colorful magnetic disks, and 8 magnetic marbles.

The magic power wand isn’t like any wand you’ve ever seen a magician use – it’s brightly colored and has a huge magnet hidden inside. Use it to experiment around the house, and see what it attracts! Then try it out with the magic disks by following the instructions included. What happens when you put the magic disks on a piece of cardboard and move the wand beneath it?

How about on a piece of glass or fabric? You can even play the pick-up disks game – how many magnetic disks can you get on the wand? The magnetic marbles are really out of this world, because marbles just like them were used on a NASA Space Shuttle flight as a fun space game. Grab a handful and make some great geometric shapes. Put some in a glass filled with water, and test their wild magnetic power when wet! Well, I’m off to see what kind of magnetic discoveries I can make, but I’ll check the Fun O Meter before I go…

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