Monday, October 17, 2011

The Klutz Book of Magic from Klutz Press

Open sesame! You’ll learn all the mysteries of great magicians’ tricks with The Klutz Book of Magic. The book comes packed with 31 tricks to practice and perform, and you also get a cord, ring, scarf, magic thumb, and latex square. So grab your cape and hat, and let the magic begin!

Read through the book and pick your trick. Will you try the Vanishing Salt Shaker trick or The Fruit Card trick? Whatever trick you choose, it’s easy to learn because the directions are simple, and there are tons of colorful drawings that show you what to do. Use the latex square to do a special coin trick that will leave them clapping.

Grab your ring, and try your hand at ring tricks like the Ring Zing and the Thumbs Up Ring Release. Use the rope to do the Rope Handcuff and Nutty String tricks. For a grand finale, use the magic thumb and scarf to do the special Vanishing Scarf trick. You’ll even get to read and take the Magician’s Oath. Before you know it, you’ll be making magic that will amaze everyone!

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