Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wood U Paint from Creativity for Kids

You've got what it takes for a room that looks great! The Wood U Paint kit gives you supplies for designing and putting together 2 awesome accessories for your room: a plain wood light-switch cover and peg rack, 6 animal cut-outs, glue, a brush, and 6 colors of paint. All you need are your own ideas, and an adult assistant to help you install your accessories.

Pop open your paints and begin painting your light-switch cover and peg rack any way you like. You can paint cool patterns, silly squiggles, or even your name. Paint musical notes, dinosaurs, cupcakes. . .you're the boss of your room, so whatever you paint is A-OK! Then, while those pieces are drying, you can paint the 6 animals. Make a big blue bird, or a zebra-striped bunny. Try a polka-dotted pig, or a goofy green goose. Attach the animals to the light-switch and peg rack with the glue. Or you can slide the animals into a slot on top of the rack - that way, you can move and switch them around, depending on how you feel. After everything is dry, your adult assistant can install the light-switch and peg rack, and you'll have your very own designs right in your room. And every time you hang up a coat or turn on the light, you'll think, "Hey, my cool creations! All right!"

The Sock Monkey Kit from Curiosity Kits

Start monkeying around, I say! You'll have a fun and easy time making your own monkey friend with The Sock Monkey Kit. The kit includes 2 socks, fluffy stuffing, a marking pen, sewing floss, a needle, pins, felt, and instructions. All you need is a pair of scissors, and because you'll be using pins and a needle, you'll also need an adult assistant nearby.

Read the instructions for creating your sock monkey, then sew its arms, legs, ears, and tail. When you're done sewing, it's time to stuff your monkey full of stuffing to make it soft and fluffy. And don't forget a face - you can use the patterns and sticky-back felt to add eyes, eyebrows, and nostrils to your funky monkey. When you've finished making your super-cool sock monkey, the two of you can snuggle up and read all the information provided about real monkeys, like where they live, what kinds of varieties there are, and even how they "speak" to one another. Then leave your sock monkey to guard your bed or favorite chair, or bring it with you and show it off. Your sock monkey will be sure to knock their socks off!

Monster Marker Hand from Yes! Entertainment

If you want to be a great artist and make some gross masterpieces, you'll need someone to give you a hand - a Monster Marker Hand, that is! This toy looks like a giant green hand with icky black fingernails, but it's really full of markers, stampers, and a stamp pad for making truly disgusting designs. The hand even comes with 3 huge plastic stencils for even more monstrous art possibilities.

Grab the monster hand, pull off a fingertip, and you'll find a marker point for drawing or writing. The hand has 5 fingers with 5 colors in all: yellow, green, red, purple, and orange. Pull off two fingertips and draw with 2 colors at once. Pull off all 5 and make fantastic art using all 5 fingers. Pull out a whole finger, and you'll find a rubber stamp on the end. Each freaky finger has its own special stamp, like a scary skull, a big brain, a funky fly, and more. And if you're looking for ink, it's hidden in a compartment on the top of the hand. Just snap it open, and you're ready to stamp. Test out your stencils for some really cool designs. Write your name in 3 colors at once. Stamp out a scary picture. When you've got a Monster Marker Hand, you can make icky art all over the land!

Indian Lore Crafts from Creativity for Kids

Ever want to explore Indian lore? With the Indian Lore Crafts kit, you can take part in Native American rituals by creating and using your own authentic crafts and musical instruments. The kit comes with wooden sticks, drum parts, beads and bells, felt, feathers, 6 colors of paint, glue, and several other pieces for making your crafts.

Since music is so important in Native American rituals, you may want to make your drum first. Assemble and decorate the drum and drumsticks, and you're ready to drum some rhythms. Use the beads, turquoise nuggets, and plastic bear claws to make yourself an authentic bear claw necklace - in some Native American tribes, wearing it means that you are as brave and strong as a bear! Design a bell rattle by using the bells and feathers, and shake it all around. Or string some bells onto the piece of elastic, tie it to your ankle, and you can rattle the bells and have your hands free to play the drum while you dance and sing. Create an armband with the felt and small feathers, then make a headband using the large feathers. If you want to learn about Native Americans, making music and art is a great way to start!

DoodleTop Activity Set from Topline Toys

Quick - what spins and draws at the same time? If you guessed a ballerina with a crayon, think again, because the answer is a DoodleTop! The DoodleTop Activity Set comes stuffed with 5 drawing tops in neon colors, 20 blank sheets of paper to invent your own art, 25 cool games and activities to do with the tops, and a playbook with even more ideas. Everything comes packed in a see-through carrying case with a handle, so you can DoodleTop from Dublin to Detroit!

Grab one of the DoodleTops, flick your wrist, and set it spinning on a piece of paper. Its point is really the end of a marker, so before you can say "doodle," your top will spin spirals all over the paper. Spin another DoodleTop with a different color, and see what cool design you create. Pull out one of the activity sheets and use your purple DoodleTop to put some punk hair on a silly character. Create a green doodle tornado, or use one of the game sheets to play doodle pinball. See what happens when you nudge, bump, or blow on the Doodle Top. Lift up the paper as the top is spinning, and "walk" the DoodleTop across it for some wacky doodle designs. Set all 5 DoodleTops spinning at once, and make a masterpiece. You'll have such a great time with DoodleTop, you won't want to stop!

Basketful of Bubbles from ALEX

You've got no troubles when you're lathering up with your very own bubbles! With Basketful of Bubbles, you can make your own beautiful soaps, then show them off. The kit includes 4 glycerine soap discs, 24 soap molds, a measuring cup, 2 wicker baskets, crinkly filler paper, and 2 small silk flowers. Because you need to use a plastic knife and microwave oven to make soap, you'll also need an adult assistant nearby.

Pick out a soap disc - you've got red, yellow, purple, and light green to choose from. Follow the directions for cutting the disc, putting it in the measuring cup, and melting it in the microwave. Once your soap mixture is ready, your soap molding can start. Pour the mixture into the molds to make soaps shaped like daisies, shells, fish, leaves, hearts, roses, and more! When your soaps have cooled down, it's time to pop them out of the molds. Then arrange the soaps, crinkly purple filler paper, and silk roses in the two baskets. When you're done, you can give one as a gift and keep one for yourself. Or keep them both near the tub, and next time you're in the bath or shower, grab one of your creations and soap up!

Travel Brain Bash from Tiger Electronics

What's small, noisy, fun, and can drive you crazy? No, it's not your baby brother or sister. It's Travel Brain Bash, an awesome electronic toy that's small in size but big on fun. The object of the games is to follow the voice commands and hit the correct buttons. The games are for 1 to 4 players, and the person who has the highest score at the end is the Travel Brain Bash champ. So pack up your things along with this toy, and hit the road!

Listen to the voice commands, and follow the instructions for which buttons to press. It's not as easy as it sounds, since the instructions become more complicated and faster each moment that you play! Once you get your fingers in shape, try different types of games like Direction Command: Travel Brain Bash tells you to press left, right, or both, in lots of different sequences. Or get everyone into Mad Math, the game that gives you simple math problems to solve. Get the answer right, and Travel Brain Bash will say, "Nice going!" Pay attention and think hard, because this toy will keep you on the edge of your seat, whether you're in a car, on a train, or on a plane! I'm off to play with Travel Brain Bash on the train, but I'll check the Fun O Meter as I go...

Roomarang from OzWest

Did someone say boomerang? Nope - it's a Roomarang! The Roomerang is the coolest, squishiest boomerang ever. It's made of a light, soft material that's just right for throwing and catching because it can't hurt you when it's on its way back. Grab your Roomerang, release it, and watch it make a circle up to 10 feet around. Then stand back and put your good catching hand out as it starts to circle back to you! Practice twisting the sides of your Roomerang to make bigger and smaller circles. Try catching it over your head or behind your back. Have a Roomerang competition with your friends. Amaze your dog as you play catch with yourself instead of him. Here it comes, make room for Roomerang!

Top-No-Sis from Spinmaster Toys

Want to feel hypnotized and mesmerized, and get some exercise? Then you've got to give Top-No-Sis a spin! Top-No-Sis is a game that was invented by someone who practices hypnosis. It comes with the two things you need to get hypnotized with fun: a smooth, brightly colored 14" square board, and a special wooden Hypno-top. The object of the game is to keep the Hypno-top spinning on the board.

Start by holding the board in one hand and spinning the top onto the board with the other hand. (Sounds like it's easy, but it's not, because the Hypno-top spins on its skinny stem!) Then use both hands to tilt the board up, down, and sideways. You want to keep that top spinning and orbiting all over the board! When the top makes a buzzing sound, it means it has the right amount of speed to keep it going. Experiment with Top-No-Sis and try to make the top change direction. Watch what happens when you flip the top into the air. See just how long you can keep your Hypno-top moving. The Guiness World Record is just over 2 hours - can you beat it? Well, I'm off to try and top that Top-No-Sis record, but I'll check the Fun O Meter on my way out. . .

Kit & Caboodle from Gamewright

Roll the dice and be sure to think twice! When you play Kit & Caboodle, you've got lots of choices to make - and lots of ways to have fun while you're playing. This game comes with 6 special kit & caboodle dice, a dice shaker, and a special "boodle" pad. It's for 1 to 3 players, so you can grab some friends or play by yourself. Either way, you're bound to have a cool caboodle time!

Start by rolling the 6 dice and checking out what's on them. Each side has an image from science and nature, like birds, mammals, insects, moons, and stars. Now it's time to grab your pencil and boodle pad and see how many points you can get. The trick is to create sets - but it's harder than you think, because some of the nature images are in more than one category! One animal might be a bird, but it also has a shell. You'll have to spend time on your turtle - is he worth more points in the reptile or shell category? After you create your sets, you score them on the boodle pad. The player with the most points wins the game. You'll have fun using your noodle when you play Kit & Caboodle!

Mancala from the Great American Trading Company

When it comes to playing 3000-year-old Egyptian games, who knows better than the Pharaohs? When these ancient rulers wanted to have fun, they didn't need video games - they played Mancala. Mancala is easy to learn and simple to play... but you've got to think hard to win! The game is for 2 players, and it comes with a wood Mancala board and 40 smooth glass stones in lots of different colors. The board folds in half so you can take it to school, to a friend's house... even to Egypt!

Start by placing the glass stones in the bins on your side of the Mancala board. Your opponent does the same, and then the fun begins! The object of the game is to get as many stones as you can before your opponent clears his side of the Mancala board of all his stones. As you move your stones around the board, you need to think ahead and plan a strategy. How will your opponent move his stones? How many stones should you put in each bin? The game is over when one of the players runs out of stones in his bins. Play one game, or have a Mancala marathon - either way, you'll say, "More Mancala!"

Mini Totem 3-D Puzzle from Wrebbit

This toy is great, and I have to mention that it's a puzzle in 3 dimensions! The Mini Totem 3-D Puzzle isn't like any other puzzle I've ever seen, because it doesn't just sit flat on a table or floor - you build it up so it stands tall. It comes with 47 colorful, foam-backed puzzle pieces, instructions, and the history of the Ho-Xhoc totem pole that you're building.

Begin by creating the base of your totem pole. Then fit together the pieces of your totem pole and the fun begins! As you attach the pieces together, you'll be building upwards and outwards. You'll see your totem pole take shape as you put together the Medicine Man, the Crow, and other characters from Native American myths. It even comes with pieces in the shapes of beaks and wings to complete your puzzle. When you've finished your puzzle, you can admire it and read all about the totem pole's history. For a puzzle that's fun to make and fun to see, you've got to go 3-D!

Rain Forest Frogs Floor Puzzle from Frank Schaffer Publications

Fistfuls of frogs all over the floor? That's what you'll get when you put together the Rain Forest Frogs Floor Puzzle! This puzzle is made for playing with on the floor because it's got 50 gigantic pieces. Put them together and you'll have a puzzle with lots of larger-than-life, funky-colored frogs.

Hit the floor with your new amphibian friends and check out all their different colors and shapes as you piece them together. Got a face of the neon-green and black poison frog in one hand and a leg of a yellow-banded frog in the other? Got a red-eyed tree frog looking up at you, just waiting to have his final foot added? Solve it piece by piece, and you'll finish with a puzzle that's three feet long and two feet wide, with 13 gigantic rain forest frogs. Check out the frogs' bright colors and cool patterns. See their realistic froggy faces and bulging eyes. Leave the puzzle on your floor, and see if your sister thinks she stepped into the rain forest the next time she comes into your room. You'll have a hopping good time with this puzzle!