Saturday, December 25, 2010

Toys Every Little Girl Wants | Baby Dolls

Look into any little girls toy chest and you are more than likely to find dolls. Little girls and children worldwide have loved and adored dolls, doll accessories and doll houses for ages. Dolls come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, outfits, hairstyles and options.

Baby dolls come in an assortment of different sizes for different purposes. Dolls for play in doll houses would be small compared to the standard baby doll size which is almost life size. There are soft fabric dolls and others made of plastic. There are electronic dolls that are sound and motion sensitive allowing them to gurgle, giggle, babble, burp, yawn, close eyes and snore. These motion sensitive dolls will even wake up if there is noise, just like a real baby.

There are also electronic dolls that talk and walk, and fictional television and movie character dolls that have sounds and music. There are a great variety of ethnic dolls manufactured. There are wonderful doll accessories made from feeding sets, play pens, strollers, high chairs, diaper bags and potties.

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Dolls are an excellent learning tool for children as it teaches them nurturing, independent play, language and cognitive skills. Playing with dolls is also a great lesson in creativity and imaginative development.

It’s Fun and Exiting to see the Season's New Dolls and Accessories

The wonderful things about dolls and their doll houses is the large variety of shapes, designs and styles they come in. It’s fun and exiting to see what new dolls and accessories will come out and it serves as a bit of a reminder when you see the dolls from years ago still selling today. One such doll is that of the strawberry shortcake dolls and accessories.

The strawberry shortcake dolls and cute little dollhouses have been around for more than twenty years and are still popular with children and collectors today. Strawberry land is home to Strawberry Shortcake and her friends and pets. The popular and adorable strawberry shortcake characters include; Strawberry Shortcake the sweet, spunky and adventurous little red head who likes to make people happy, Angel cake makes beautiful cakes, Ginger Snap is a cookie chef, Orange Blossom is a fruit tree gardener, Honey Pie is a pony, Apple Dumplin is Strawberry Shortcakes little sister, Pup Cake is a dog and Huckleberry Pie is a skateboarding boy. The little dollhouses come in cute designs from cupcakes to berry inspired designs.

It's easy to see why some of these sweet dolls have been popular for so many years. With adorable names, characters and designs these fun dolls and accessories can only inspire happy creative and imaginative thoughts.

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