Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Space Toys

One of the hottest trends in the toy-collecting hobby surrounds space toys. The children of the Lost in Space generation are today's avid collector - and the demand for extra-terrestrial treasures is being felt at toy shows, flea markets, and even antique malls.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nickelodeon Zzand: Castle Builder from Mattel

Who wants to make a regular sand castle when you could make a zzand castle? With Nickelodeon Zzand: Castle Builder, you can build your own cool castle by molding, squishing, rolling, and stamping zzand. The kit comes with one pound of bright blue zzand and one pound of great green zzand, each in its own resealable bag. You also get a brick former, a roller, a wall top cutter, a cone shaper, a carving tool, and a play mat. So lay out your mat and get ready to construct a castle!

Paper Anew: Paper Making Kit for Kids from Chasley

Ever wonder what you can do with old papers you brought home from school? How about last week's comics, an old phone book, or your lunch bag? You can make new paper, that's what! With Paper Anew: Paper Making Kit for Kids, you can recycle old paper and other materials and make your own beautiful paper and paper projects at the same time. The kit comes with the things you need to become a paper making pro: a deckle (wooden frame), a mould (wooden frame with mesh attached), a sponge, cotton linters (thick sheets for making paper), craft paper, magnets, patterns, cardboard frames, oatmeal, and glitter. You'll need to provide a big pan and a few other items. You'll also need to use a blender when making paper, so be sure you have an adult assistant to help you.

Photopack from Planet Dexter

Your baby brother biting his toy alligator's tail. Your dynamo dog catching a ball in mid-flight. Your friend sliding into third base. You can take photos of these things and lots more with Photopack! This toy comes with the 2 things you need to take and keep great photographs: a real 35mm camera, and a book full of photo experiments that is also a scrapbook for all your photos. All you need to add is your own film and a sharp eye, and you're ready to get snapping!

Stamp-a-Face from All Night Media

Have you ever seen a duck with a cat's nose and a fly's eyes wearing a beanie with a propeller? How about an octopus with sunglasses and a smile, or a tiny green Martian with a top hat? You can create these creatures and millions more when you play with the Stamp-a-Face kit. The kit comes with 56 rubber stamps, a non-toxic black ink pad, and six colored pencils for coloring in your crazy creations. All you need is some paper and your imagination!

Sticker Crafts Frame Kit from Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company

Smile, say "cheese," and make some frames that are sure to please! The Frame Kit comes with 10 brightly colored cardboard frames, backers, tape, fasteners, easel backs, and over 150 awesome stickers. All you need to add is a pair of scissors, a pencil, and your favorite photos.

Expedition Kits: Dinosaur Excavation from Kristal Educational

Want to dig, discover, and make something great? Then grab your tools and excavate! With the Dinosaur Excavation kit, you'll get to be just like a paleontologist and unearth a replica of a dinosaur's fossilized remains. Only you won't have to travel halfway across the world like a lot of paleontologists do - you can dig in right at your own kitchen table. The kit comes with a special multi-layered rock, a wooden digging tool, 2 watercolors, and 2 paint brushes. Because you'll need to use an oven to complete your fossil, you'll also need an adult nearby when playing with this toy.

Galactic Explorer Refracting Telescope from Educational Insights

Have you ever wanted to study the stars? How about Saturn, the moon, or Mars? Now you can with the Galactic Explorer Refracting Telescope! It includes all the parts an aspiring astronomer needs, like a 45mm telescope, 50x and 100x power eyepieces that can magnify what you see by 50 or 100 times, a wide field 3x finder scope, a steel tripod, and a great galactic instruction guide. So get into the night sky, and get ready to see far and wide!

Light-Up Critter City from Uncle Milton

If you've ever caught a bug and kept it in a jar, you know how boring it can get to look at it. . .and just think how boring it must be for the bug! With Light-Up Critter City, you'll never have another bored bug. This is the perfect place for bugs, with 3 different environments for them to hang out in, all connected by tunnels and a skyway. You get 3 tools to help you catch critters and 2 magnifiers for getting a closer look. And there's a cool bug identification guide, so you'll know who you're looking at! Since you'll be in charge, you'll also get to read the laws of Critter City, from critter litter to critter care.

Butterfly Feeder from The Birding Company

You won't believe your eyes when you feed the butterflies! It's easy to attract butterflies and give them a little snack when you've got the Butterfly Feeder in your yard. The feeder comes in 4 bright yellow and red pieces that are easy to put together and hang up. Then all you need to attract fluttering friends is some fruit - or you can ask an adult assistant to help you make the recipe provided for butterfly nectar.

Wrapsters from HandsOn Toys

They're curly. They're twirly. They're fuzzy and funny. They're Wrapsters! These creatures bend and twist into all types of shapes, and can be straightened out again. Wrapsters come in different colors, with furry tails, funny ears, and little beady black eyes. They've got stripes, smooth parts, fuzzy parts, and - best of all - big smiles.

Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit from Schylling

If you've been searching for something to make and chew, then this is the kit for you! Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit includes everything you need to make two delicious flavors of gum: chicle gum base (a type of tree sap), confectioner's sugar, corn syrup, 2 flavor packets, and a plastic pan. Because you'll be using the microwave or stovetop for this project, you'll also need an adult assistant nearby when making your gum.

Killer Bee Jumble from DaMert

You're saying, "I'd like one tough puzzle, please?" Then it's time to bring on the killer bees! The Killer Bee Jumble comes with 7 purple puzzle pieces with bright yellow and white plastic bees on top. Your job is to fit the interlocking pieces together into a big square. But it isn't as simple as it sounds!