Monday, October 17, 2011

Real Creations Sea Turtle from OddzOn

Have you ever wanted to build one terrific turtle? Now you can with the Real Creations Sea Turtle building kit! It’s got all the pieces you need to build a realistic, 3-D turtle without using any tools but your hands.

Pop out all the pieces of your turtle from the plastic sheets. Each piece is one tiny part of the turtle, complete with special markings and realistic colors. Match the numbers together, and let the snapping begin! Each piece snaps into another, and because the pieces are made of a heavy and flexible plastic, you can snap and unsnap them as many times as you need to.

So even if you make a mistake and need to snap a part someplace else, you’ll still have one tough turtle. Connect the head, fins, and shell together, and you’ll have a sea friend that’s almost 2 feet long from his forehead to his fins! Display your turtle, or take him out and show him around. Tiptoe behind someone with your turtle. Read the information provided about real sea turtles. For building and fun, this turtle’s the one!

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