Monday, October 17, 2011

Make A Mug from Makit Products

It’s more fun to drink lemonade from a mug that you made! Make A Mug is a kit that lets you design your own mug to look just the way you want. It includes 5 special curved sheets for doing your designs, and an envelope for sending your finished design to the Make A Mug factory. All you need is your own markers, crayons, stampers, or photographs, and you’re ready to make your mug.

How do you want your mug to look? Try drawing some summer scenes to make you think of summer when you’re drinking cocoa in the cold winter. Or glue on a favorite photograph of your friend, and you’ll give him a think every time you take a drink! Make a Mother’s Day mug with cool patterns. Let your sister sip out of a special mug with her name on it. When you’re all done with your design, send it in the self-addressed envelope. One day soon, you’ll open up your mailbox to find a finished mug with your design on it. Then it’s time to drink up from your cool art cup!

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