Monday, October 17, 2011

Magical Sound Dial Keyboard from Casio

There will be magic sounds all around when you play this cool toy! The Magical Sound Dial Keyboard is a real electronic keyboard with 32 keys, a big speaker, volume control, and lots of excellent musical possibilities. You’ve got 8 great instruments to choose from, including a funky flute and a groovy guitar, and 4 funny background themes, from a haunted house to a country and western round-up. It’s even got 6 silly sound effects, including animal sounds, a train chugging by, and game show noises. There are 6 songs that you can sing along with, like “O Christmas Tree” and “Clap Your Hands.” And last but not least, it’s got a magic dial that you can spin to change the sounds and create tons of truly cool tunes.

Choose the trumpet sound and invent your very own trumpet melody on the keyboard. Press the animal sound-effects button, and make some doggone great music as dogs bark, cats meow, and birds chirp! Pick the country and western button and hear a banjo and the sound of running horses, then spin the magic dial to hear one horse walk slowly. Try out the haunted house theme, but don’t get too scared when you spin the magic dial – it adds the sounds of mysterious footsteps and a creaky door. Sing along with one of the 6 songs, then speed it up or slow it down just by spinning the magic dial. Make up your own awesome songs all day long!

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