Saturday, December 25, 2010

Monopoly the Best Selling Board Game in the World

People love playing games, whether it's monopoly or free children's computer games there's no better way to pass the time and have some fun. Monopoly is still the best selling board game in the world, sold in over eighty countries and twenty six languages. But unlike monopoly, free children's computer games are an educational and interactive way to introduce children to an endless variety of learning skills and exciting games, and yes it's one of the few things these days that is free.

Still a great game

There is still nothing that can compare to a sit down family game of monopoly, the interaction and time together is priceless. However free children's computer games allow any child with computer access a chance at some of the most wonderful modern graphics and interactive sites available. The nice thing about these free games is the chance for a child to explore several games without the expense, because as we all know children tend to get bored somewhat easily. There are interactive educational games, free online demo's and interactive games for toddler, preschool and older children. Popular toy sights like Fisher Price toys and Barbie have interactive games to play on both sites. Animated movie and television studios have free interactive games, movie trailers and television clips. There are virtually so many great free games on the internet that you could spend a lifetime and not play all of them.

The free children's computer games like monopoly, get your children exciting about play and in return they learn a variety of imaginative and interactive skills. It's good to keep in mind that the free children's computer games are a great way for kids to preplay video games before purchasing only to find out they may not like them.

Monopoly Stands the Test of Time

The best selling board game in the world is monopoly, sold in over eighty countries and twenty six languages. Monopoly is one of those games that stands the test of time, if you can get your kids away from playing all the free children's computer games for a night, monopoly is an excellent way to spend time with the family.

Monopoly was introduced to America in 1935, making it almost eighty years old. Monopoly is a part of popular culture, with an estimated five hundred million people having played the game (free children’s computer games are dim in comparison).

The longest monopoly game ever played lasted seventy straight days. There are a variety of different versions available to include; deluxe editions, different language editions (twenty six languages), popular movie and television character editions (Disney, Shrek and Lord of the Ring versions), interactive CD-Rom monopoly, junior monopoly (complete with monopoly money and monopoly rules) and the traditional monopoly version to name a few. Monopoly is such a popular game that tournaments are played all over the world raising money for charities.

Chances are most adults at some time in their lives have played monopoly, it's a wonderful game to play with the entire family providing hours of entertainment and fun. If you haven't played monopoly in a while, start a new family tradition and have a regular family monopoly night.

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