Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Beam and Read from Crayon Factory

When I’m not collecting tickets, sometimes I like to read on the train. But when it’s lights out, I know what I need: my awesome Mini Beam and Read! It looks like a tiny box attached to a fabric strap that fits around your neck. But lift up the top of the box, and you’ve got a bright light shining out in front of you! It’s great because it lets you have both of your hands free to hold a book, play a game, whatever you want!

Wear it in the car on a long trip, and you can read your favorite story on the highway, even when it’s dark and everyone else but the driver is asleep. Take it on the plane or train, and you’ve got your own light that lasts all night. Tell a ghost story in the dark, and flip up the light at the scariest moment. When you’re done using the light, just close the top of the box and the light shuts off until next time. You’ll never be in the dark when you’ve got this toy!

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