Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Chalk Writer from Cadaco

It’s time to start making some great chalk art! The Mini Chalk Writer lets you become a master artist when you’re drawing or writing with chalk. It comes with 3 gigantic pieces of super-colorful chalk in a big, bright, easy-to-hold container. Just grab the container, head outside, and you’re ready to make multicolored chalk masterpieces!

Draw or write with one color until you decide you’re ready for another one. Then just flip your chalk writer over, and use your new color. Load and unload the chalk from the container to get just the colors you want for your design. The Mini Chalk Writer is even long enough to let you draw far away from your body – it’s like having a really long arm, only not so weird-looking! Make a crazy-colored hopscotch board. Play a gigantic game of tic-tac-toe, and give each player her own color. Write your friend’s name in 3 wild colors. Well, I’m off to draw with my Mini Chalk Writer, but I’ll look at the Fun O Meter before I go…

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