Monday, October 17, 2011

Expedition Camping Kit from Wild Planet

I’ve been wishin’ for an expedition… and now I’ve got all the things I need to go! The Expedition Camping Kit will get you ready for an awesome outdoor adventure. There’s a canteen, tool set, head light, whistle, tweezers, and compass. It even has survival cards that teach you how to find your way, what kinds of foods are best for the trail, and more.

Before you hit the trail, you’ll want to fill your canteen with lots of water. And don’t forget the hidden storage compartment on the bottom – it’s perfect for holding snacks to eat when you’re hungry during your adventure. Use your compass to head in the right direction. Try out your tool kit: it comes with a magnifying glass to study a bug buddy, a shovel for scooping, and a safety knife for cutting. Blow your whistle and call your friends over when you’ve made an amazing discovery. Grab tiny things with your tweezers, and put on your head light when you want to light up your pathway – it’s bright enough for adventures in the day or night! Well, I’m off on an expedition, but I’ll check the Fun O Meter on my way out…

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