Monday, October 17, 2011

Snoop-A-Scope from Educational Insights

What’s happening around the corner? Or over that tall guy’s head in the crowd? You’ll never have to wonder again when you’ve got the Snoop-A-Scope! This toy is cool-looking, fun, and easy to use – but best of all, it lets you be a super snooper.

Grab your Snoop-A-Scope and head out – it’s easy to carry because it’s really lightweight and it has 2 big carrying handles. Want to see what your sister and her friends are doing around the corner of the house? Turn your Snoop-A-Scope on its side, peer inside, and find out! Fence too tall to see over? No problem – just pull out the telescoping top piece of your Snoop-A-Scope to make it a full 8 1/2″ taller, and check things out. Pretend you’re a spy and solve mysteries. Snoop on your dog from the other room, and find out who’s really stealing those cookies. Have the best view ever during the next parade. When you’ve got a Snoop-A-Scope up to your face, you’ll get to see all over the place!

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