Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunflower Kid's Garden from Solly's Choice

You’ve got the power to grow beautiful sunflowers! The Sunflower Kid’s Garden comes with everything you need to start your very own sunflower garden: a big bag of soil, a garden trowel (tiny shovel), 4 starter pots, and seeds for growing 2 different kinds of sunflowers. It all comes in a wooden crate like the ones real gardeners use.

Begin by filling the pots with soil and carefully planting the seeds. When your seeds start to sprout, it’s time to move the pots to the place that sunflowers like best – right in the sun! As you water and take care of them, the seedlings will get bigger and bigger, and you’ll end up with big, happy sunflowers. You’ll see how different the 2 varieties are – one type grows up to five feet tall, and the other kind has edible seeds. You can admire and show off your sunflowers, or even put a few in a vase. Taste some of the seeds and share them with the birds! It’s easy to make your own great garden full of sunflowers – so roll up your sleeves and let’s grow!

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