Monday, October 17, 2011

Koosh Stamper from OddzOn

It's easy to stamp out boredom with the Koosh Stamper! This tiny, portable stamp set comes in a see-through tube with a bright mini-Koosh ball hanging off the end. The 4 stamps are all stacked in a row, so it's easy to choose and change your stamps: take off the cap, remove the top stamp, put it in the bottom of the tube, and push the new stamp to the top!

Once you start stamping, you'll love what you see - there is one stamp each of a silly sun, a kooky Koosh character, lovely linked hearts, and a pretty puppy. The stamp inks are awesome colors like hot pink and lime green, and each stamp is self-inking - this means you don't need to put the stamp in a messy ink pad. Decorate a science book cover with sun stamps. Make some writing paper with a pink pooch border. Leave some stamped hearts on someone's lunch bag, and see if that person can guess who did it. Well, I'm off to do some stamping, but I'll have a look at the Fun O Meter on the way out...

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