Monday, October 17, 2011

Sit ‘n Spin: A Call to Fans – Do You Remember the Vertigo-inducing Riding Toy?

I would love to have seen this thing being pitched to the company brass:

Real Creations Sea Turtle from OddzOn

Have you ever wanted to build one terrific turtle? Now you can with the Real Creations Sea Turtle building kit! It’s got all the pieces you need to build a realistic, 3-D turtle without using any tools but your hands.

Make A Mug from Makit Products

It’s more fun to drink lemonade from a mug that you made! Make A Mug is a kit that lets you design your own mug to look just the way you want. It includes 5 special curved sheets for doing your designs, and an envelope for sending your finished design to the Make A Mug factory. All you need is your own markers, crayons, stampers, or photographs, and you’re ready to make your mug.

Newton's Body Shop from The Wild Goose Company

If you’ve ever wanted to check out how different parts of your body work, you know how hard it can be to look inside your own ear or stomach – it’s impossible! Now you can take an awesome adventure tour of how your body works with Newton’s Body Shop. This science kit includes over 50 items to build models and carry out experiments, from balloons, gloves, and wire to pH paper, plastic tubing and a real sheep’s eye. You’ll need to provide a few household items, and because you’ll be doing real scientific experiments, you’ll need to have an adult assistant every time you play with this toy.

Undercover Detective Activity Kit

Eye spy... the best spy kit ever! The Under Cover Detective Activity Kit comes with the things you need to check out possible suspects and solve mysteries: a magnifying glass, code wheels, code strips, rearview glasses, a real fingerprint kit, a secret marker pen, a red message filter, a flashlight, and a composite kit for showing what your suspects look like. It even has a secret agent ID card for you to fill out and carry when you're working under cover!

Wand Magnetics Lab from Geospace

Feel the power of the force – magnetic force, that is! The Wand Magnetics Lab lets you explore the mystery of magnets with a magic power wand, 100 colorful magnetic disks, and 8 magnetic marbles.

Expedition Camping Kit from Wild Planet

I’ve been wishin’ for an expedition… and now I’ve got all the things I need to go! The Expedition Camping Kit will get you ready for an awesome outdoor adventure. There’s a canteen, tool set, head light, whistle, tweezers, and compass. It even has survival cards that teach you how to find your way, what kinds of foods are best for the trail, and more.

Sunflower Kid's Garden from Solly's Choice

You’ve got the power to grow beautiful sunflowers! The Sunflower Kid’s Garden comes with everything you need to start your very own sunflower garden: a big bag of soil, a garden trowel (tiny shovel), 4 starter pots, and seeds for growing 2 different kinds of sunflowers. It all comes in a wooden crate like the ones real gardeners use.

Magical Sound Dial Keyboard from Casio

There will be magic sounds all around when you play this cool toy! The Magical Sound Dial Keyboard is a real electronic keyboard with 32 keys, a big speaker, volume control, and lots of excellent musical possibilities. You’ve got 8 great instruments to choose from, including a funky flute and a groovy guitar, and 4 funny background themes, from a haunted house to a country and western round-up. It’s even got 6 silly sound effects, including animal sounds, a train chugging by, and game show noises. There are 6 songs that you can sing along with, like “O Christmas Tree” and “Clap Your Hands.” And last but not least, it’s got a magic dial that you can spin to change the sounds and create tons of truly cool tunes.

Choose the trumpet sound and invent your very own trumpet melody on the keyboard. Press the animal sound-effects button, and make some doggone great music as dogs bark, cats meow, and birds chirp! Pick the country and western button and hear a banjo and the sound of running horses, then spin the magic dial to hear one horse walk slowly. Try out the haunted house theme, but don’t get too scared when you spin the magic dial – it adds the sounds of mysterious footsteps and a creaky door. Sing along with one of the 6 songs, then speed it up or slow it down just by spinning the magic dial. Make up your own awesome songs all day long!

The Klutz Book of Magic from Klutz Press

Open sesame! You’ll learn all the mysteries of great magicians’ tricks with The Klutz Book of Magic. The book comes packed with 31 tricks to practice and perform, and you also get a cord, ring, scarf, magic thumb, and latex square. So grab your cape and hat, and let the magic begin!