Monday, October 17, 2011

Undercover Detective Activity Kit

Eye spy... the best spy kit ever! The Under Cover Detective Activity Kit comes with the things you need to check out possible suspects and solve mysteries: a magnifying glass, code wheels, code strips, rearview glasses, a real fingerprint kit, a secret marker pen, a red message filter, a flashlight, and a composite kit for showing what your suspects look like. It even has a secret agent ID card for you to fill out and carry when you're working under cover!

First you'll want to do what real spies do: look for clues to identify possible suspects. Are there any fingerprints at the scene of the crime? Use the black powder, paint brush, and fingerprint lifting tape to dust for prints and find out. Then put your magnifying glass to work as you identify the prints on the fingerprint specimen card. Try your hand at sending messages in code by using the codewheels and codestrips.

Learn how to encode messages that only other secret spies can read by using codes like the quickie code, zig zag code, pigpen code, and Morse code. Put on your secret rearview glasses and you'll see what's happening behind you - but everyone else will think you're wearing plain mirrored sunglasses. Flick on your flashlight. Write a note to a fellow agent with your secret marker pens.

Finally, ask witnesses to help you create a composite sketch, and use the overlays with pictures of hairstyles, beards, eyes, noses, and mouths to make a sketch of your suspect. When you play with this toy, you'll go under cover like no other!

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