Monday, October 17, 2011

Tub Tints from Apron Strings

Getting into the tub for a bath isn’t always the most exciting thing… not unless the water is a cool shade of blue, an eye-popping pink, or a groovy lime green! With Tub Tints, you can turn your bath water these colors and more for up to 20 baths.

Take 10 of the tiny star and diamond-shaped tablets, toss them in the tub, and watch as the tablets become fizzy in the water and change its color. Then it’s time to hop into your cool-colored bath water! The tablets are totally non-toxic and safe, so they won’t hurt your skin or the tub at all. And they aren’t bubble bath, so they don’t have the soap and perfumes that sometimes bother kids’ skin or other parts of their bodies. But what they are is tons of fun, especially when you mix colors!

Each container comes with a mixing chart, so you can mix two colors and turn your tub into a purple pool. Or mix another two and make an electric orange. Or a bright green-blue lagoon. You’ll have fun from your toes to your head, whether the water is pink, green, or red!

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