Monday, October 17, 2011

Newton's Body Shop from The Wild Goose Company

If you’ve ever wanted to check out how different parts of your body work, you know how hard it can be to look inside your own ear or stomach – it’s impossible! Now you can take an awesome adventure tour of how your body works with Newton’s Body Shop. This science kit includes over 50 items to build models and carry out experiments, from balloons, gloves, and wire to pH paper, plastic tubing and a real sheep’s eye. You’ll need to provide a few household items, and because you’ll be doing real scientific experiments, you’ll need to have an adult assistant every time you play with this toy.

Read over the safety rules that every scientist follows, and you’ll be ready to build your models and try some experiments. Try “Rubber Bands and Steel Girders” – by using tubes, cords, and other materials from your kit, you can show how bones and muscles work together. Do the “An Aye for Your Eye” experiment: investigate the sheep’s eye, then build a model eye out of a balloon and plastic lens. Blow up some balloons and use a cup to make a model of the ear, and see why people feel dizzy after spinning around. Give “Keep Down Your Lunch” a try to see how nutrients go from your stomach into your body, then use more of your materials to make a model of the respiratory system. You can even learn about your heart and why it’s so smart. To see how your body really works, Newton’s Body Shop is tops!

This toy teaches about the body in an innovative way and encourages creative thinking and problem solving. It is also fun and easy to use.

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